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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Village Well

The arrival of the bees at the Village Well
 under the watchful eyes of their friend and advocate Zainil.
The Village Well is Australia's leading creative Place Making consultancy.They work with organizations from community groups to local and federal governments and the private business sector to facilitate the process of renewal in ways that create positive change.  They have a strong commitment and add support and lead the way in the new trend in rooftop gardening that is happening all over the world .Some of the more famous sites for keeping bees are the roofs of the Paris Opera and the Hilton Hotel in New York.

Village Well are the first city based site to take on the stewardship of beekeeping in the Melbourne CBD.It was a great day the day I wheel barrowed my hive up Elizabeth street after arriving by train into Flinders St Station early one week day passed the unsuspecting city folk to Hardware Lane and up to the 6th floor of Village Well. Zainil and I prepared a spot on the balcony nestled amongst nasturtium and lavender plants for the bees and they have been busy foraging for nectar since amongst Melbourne's inner city parklands and gardens, along the River Yarra and up to and within a 5 km radius of the CBD.
The Village Well ,Hardware Lane,Melbourne. 
The balcony 6 floors up shared by bees,staff and clients.

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